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Pimple Popping is a National Obsession

Pimple Popping has become a national trend.  Dr. Pimple Popper is a social media celebrity, with millions of followers.  And she just got a TV show! America has become obsessed with all things pimple popping.

According to Cosmo magazine,  there’s even a new toy for all the pimple popping addicts called the Pop It Pal.

The Pimple Popping toy was created after a married couple saw how much everyone loves popping videos.  The husband and wife team decided to make some money off our repulsive national obsession.

But should you really pop your pimples at home?

According to Refresh Spa Senior Esthetician Renee Sourbeer:

“We are trained to extractions, and manipulates the pores, either with fingertips or a metal tool, to remove the sebum that’s causing the acne. Some extractions can even involve a tiny incision or a prick with a pointed tool called a lancet.”

Renee is adamant making appointments for regular monthly cleaning and popping pimples at home only in emergency situations.

“Extractions are tricky, and if you do it done incorrectly, it can create long-term scarring. I recommend Hydrafacials because they are safe for all different skin types and skin conditions.”

Renee does not recommend popping your own pimples but if you are in an emergency situation and HAVE to pop a pimple yourself, here are Renee’s tips:

  • Always clean your face before popping a pimple at home. If you have to do it yourself, having your skin clean is best.  Approach popping pimples when you get out of the shower.
  • Before extracting, cover your fingers to protect your skin!  Fingers should be covered in tissue so you don’t make things worse. Even clean hands can have tons of bacteria beneath the nails.
  • After extracting the pimple, grab an ice cube.  Apply the ice cube to the blemish for 15 seconds with light pressure. This will help to bring down redness and reduce any swelling.

Remember:  Dr. Pimple Popper (Dr. Sandra Lee ) is a celebrity with a new TV show on TLC but she’s also a DOCTOR.  She can make it look easy. You only have one skin, so you need to take care of it.

Call Refresh to find out more or to book a Hydrafacial with Renee.  You’ll thank me later.

Here’s a picture of the new toy for pimple popping addicts called the Pop It Pal.




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