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Peacocks Symbolize Transformation

We love peacocks here at Refresh Medical Spa and the peacock symbol has special meaning for our founder Dr. Angela Garner and our entire team.  The peacock has beautiful feathers but reason the feathers are so grand is the key to why we love this spiritual bird so much.

The peacock’s plumage is a living example of turning poison into beauty. This amazing animal is a symbol of how suffering and pain can yield strength and beauty.  Author Marianne Williams has a wonderful explanation about peacocks:

In order to create their beautiful feathers, peacocks sometimes eat thorns. Hard, pointed, razor like objects are processed in their abdomens and then contribute to feathers with colors and shapes unmatched throughout nature for their extraordinary beauty.

Often, that which is the hardest to digest, to process, to integrate into our life experiences is what ultimately transforms us in a positive way. We become who we are meant to be sometimes by having to eat some hard-edged, bitter thorns of human experience. Having tasted that which is most bitter, we often taste that which is most sweet.

Beauty comes from within.  Sometimes it is hard times that bring about the best changes in ourselves.  Go to to read the entire essay from Marianne Williams about Peacocks.


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