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hCG Diet: What Is It?

Typically, our body is pre-disposed to retain calories in the form of fat reserves as a survival mechanism for long winters or famine; conditions that infrequently exist today. This is why dieting is such an uphill battle; not only are we struggling with our own poor eating habits, but a genetic predisposition to retain fat.

The hCG Diet is the solution.

When a women becomes pregnant, the growing baby requires a 24/7 calorie source. In response, the placenta of the pregnant mother begins to produce HCG, which “unlocks” her stored fat to provide the calories necessary for proper development of her unborn child.

If the HCG hormone is supplemented, in the absence of a pregnancy, and combined with a low-calorie diet, the dieter can, quite literally, sustain themselves on their own stored fat, resulting in rapid, but healthy weight loss.

Why the hCG Diet is So Effective

hCG targets your weight loss so that you maintain muscle mass while strictly losing from unwanted and abnormal fat reserves. hCG suppresses appetite by enhancing Ketosis, which is a healthy metabolic process that converts our fat reserves to usable calories, allowing us to sustain ourselves on our own stored fat. By using calories from stored fat, our body reacts as though it has just consumed a meal, thus producing a feeling of satiety, fullness and content.

Why Refresh Medical Spa Uses hCG 2.0 Protocol

Refresh Medical Spa uses an updated protocol of the hCG Diet. The modern hCG 2.0 is a safer and more sustainable diet plan, without sacrificing any of the rapid weight loss of the traditional hCG weight loss program.

Dr. Zach LaBoube is one of the experts in hCG weight loss protocol.

We recommend that all clients who start our hCG weight loss program get Dr. LaBoube’s book HCG 2.o: Don’t Starve, Eat Smart and Lose.

This book is an invaluable resource for anyone who wants to go on the hCG weight loss program.

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