Medical Spa in Overland Park Kansas

Refresh Medical Spa

13453 Switzer Road
Overland Park, Kansas 66213
Phone: 913-681-6200

About Us

refresh medical spa doctor angela garnerDr. Angela Garner MD founded Refresh Medical Spa in 2012.

Dr. Garner believes that feeling beautiful inside and out has tremendous benefits to the overall aging process.  The Refresh Medical Spa goal is to create an environment where you can escape and relax from your busy lifestyle, while getting the treatments you deserve that make you look and feel your best.  It’s the ultimate pampering experience.

Dr. Angela Garner MD is a practicing internist, a hospice director, and volunteers her time in other countries to help people get the medical care they need.  Dr. Garner’s dream by starting Refresh Medical Spa and Hormonal Health was to combine her passion to help others with her medical expertise.

Why We Use a Peacock as Our Logo

refresh_Medical_spaThe logo for Refresh Medical Spa has a special meaning.

Dr. Garner chose the peacock as the logo for Refresh Medical Spa because peacocks represent some of the most admired human characteristics.   The peacock is a symbol of integrity and the beauty we can achieve when we endeavor to show our true colors.

Our mission here at Refresh is to help people feel good on the inside AND the outside.  We want to help our clients find their true colors and their true north.

The symbol of the peacock is often linked to renewal.  In many cultures, the peacock is a colorful symbol of transformation.

Our logo–Penny the Peacock–is beautiful, just like all of our clients.

We are on a mission to help all our clients to transform into their best selves!  Our goal is that after you visit our spa for a treatment, you’ll have the confidence to strut your stuff, just like our Penny the Peacock.

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