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4 Secrets to Beat Holiday Stress

holiday stress

This is the time of the year whenever we ought to be having fun with our loved ones and friends, but the reality is the holidays can be extremely stressful for many of us.

The holidays present a set activities like shopping, entertaining, parties, and lots more. Since we have a tendency have expectations for the holiday season, it isn’t surprising that all of us experience some holiday stress.

What Causes Holiday Stress?

Nearly all of our holiday stress results from interacting with our loved ones. This could be due to sad memories of last holidays seasons.

It could be brought about by the changes that have occurred in the lives of another family member, or from the changes that have not occurred in ours. It might just be brought about by having to suffer throughout the same family gatherings, with the same folks, and the same food.

Regardless of what’s causing your stress, making a plan to keep your stress level down can even make your holiday gatherings with loved ones get togethers fun again. Acknowledge your feelings. In case you’ve lost family member this season, the holidays can bring back emotions of sadness and loss. Understand the fact that it is okay to feel sad, and also be happy to express your emotions to other family members.

Secret #1 – Keep It Real

Sharing stories of the great times you spent with a family member might help the entire family feel better. Set realistic expectations. Talk to your kids regarding holiday activities and their anticipation for presents. Holiday stress can be minimized by taking action to ensure that everybody has got the same goals and anticipation for the holiday season. While you ought to never expect your family holidays to be perfect, you can minimize stress by making certain the entire family has got the same expectations. Do something different. In case your normal family get together is the origin of your stress, try something different.

Secret #2 – Ask for Help

If you are overwhelmed by being the host, then ask another family member to help out. You may even wish to plan the family vacation dinner at a neighborhood restaurant instead of your house. Trying something new and different eliminate or can reduce your stress. Do not expect miracles. In case your holiday stress comes from the history of family conflict, you should not expect any miracles throughout the holiday season. You will most likely not see a massive break in ongoing conflicts, however you can concentrate on how you are able to react in positive ways when the conflict happens.

Secret #3 – No Is Not a Bad Word

Simply say no. Saying yes whenever you know you ought to be saying no can produce feelings of bitterness and overwhelm. Be sincere with your family and friends, and also help them to realize you can’t participate in each event. If you find yourself in a situation where you cannot say no to a family event, look for others actions that you are able to remove from your calendar to minimize your stress.

Secret #4 – Put Your Oxygen Mask on First

“In the event of emergency, put your oxygen mask on yourself first, then help other passengers.”

There’s a reason why why flight attendants communicate this in-flight safety tip before every take-off. You have to take care of yourself FIRST, in order to take care of others.

By helping others first on an airplane or ignoring the oxygen mask altogether, a person will begin to lose his or her ability to recognize faces and shapes, and eventually pass out. That’s why flight attendants repeat the safety warning to passengers to put on their own mask first!

Self-care is the most important secret to beating holiday stress.  It’s important to take care of yourself all year but especially during the busy holiday season.



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